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We build what you need now—and later.

A website is an essential part of an author’s marketing strategy, but you’d rather write. Save your time and energy for what you do best. Writer Web’s á la carte website design services are budget-friendly and tailored to your needs. Get the site you need now and we’ll expand it when you’re ready.

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Weave Your Media Web

When you’re trying to build readership and get your name known in the publishing world, you take advantage of every available opportunity.

  • Regular blog posts
  • Social media channels
  • Book fairs and conferences
  • Writers’ groups
  • Press releases

The question is, how do you pull these scattershot marketing efforts together? Answer: You tie them to a website. Every post you make, interview you give, and business card you hand out should draw your audience to the hub of your marketing network.


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Focused on Authors

Writer Web specializes in building websites that meet authors’ particular needs: connecting with readers and publicizing their books to make sales. Whichever method they use, traditional or self-publishing, the writer takes an active role in marketing their books.

Why have a website Writer Web


If you want to increase sales and build your audience, make it easy for readers to find you and your work.

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Establish an author identity that attracts the readers who will buy your books—and keeps them coming back.

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Get a basic website online quickly. Home, About, and Contact pages may be all you need right now.

expandable websites Writer Web


À la carte additions make website growth more manageable. Our websites are designed for easy expansion.

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Client Recommendations

Working with Lynn was a true pleasure. She stuck to her production timeline, offered creative and technical advice, and answered all my questions with patience and speedy response time. If you need a website, she should be your go-to person. I highly recommend using Writer Web—no matter what type of business services you offer.

Marcia Smart



New WordPress Website

Writer Web uses the text, images, and other content you provide to build a professional-looking custom website that helps you sell yourself and your books. Our WordPress websites are tablet- and mobile-optimized. Download the free Author Website Design Book and start laying out the site that suits your needs.

Website Overhaul

Writer Web can freshen up an existing WordPress website so you don’t have to start from scratch.

  • Edit and proofread website copy to eliminate errors and update information
  • Check for consistency across your website, including spelling, punctuation, fonts, sizes, colors, and other style elements
  • Reorganize content and adjust links to make navigating your site easier
  • Freshen up your site’s design or color scheme
  • Add images and copy to improve your site’s search engine ranking
Website Expansion

Writer Web will expand your existing WordPress website to meet your current needs by adding pages, products, or features.

  • Announce your latest book release on your homepage
  • Create a separate page or section for each of your books
  • Add a calendar or news section to publicize presentations, book signings, or upcoming releases
  • Add a page to list press notices, awards, and other accolades
  • Install plugins that will enable special functions or design elements
WordPress Website Consulting

Writer Web offers its expertise to help authors build their own websites.

  • Solve problems you encounter while working with WordPress
  • Brainstorm ideas for your website design, including color schemes, fonts, and features
  • Research programs and plugins that will best suit your needs and budget
  • Find stock images that complement your subject matter or design
Content Maintenance

Updating and adding content regularly helps keep your website ranking high in search engine results. Writer Web will add blog posts and schedule them for publication on your WordPress website, or post new content and make changes to existing content as needed. Monthly plans are available.

Copyediting and Proofreading

Writer Web helps preserve your image as a skilled writer by copyediting or proofreading your content before you post it. Monthly plans are available for high-content websites.