About Lynn Varon

LYNN VARON was a magazine editor for 23 years and continues to edit print and online content. She has been copyediting, maintaining, and building WordPress websites for over 10 years. Her blend of editorial and design skills combine an eye for grammatical detail with the big-picture vision needed to assemble and error-free multipage publication or website.

She started Writer Web to help authors establish the internet presence they need to attract an agent or publisher, build their reader base, and boost sales of their books. For information about her copyediting services, visit Varon.com.

Lynn is a co-coordinator for the Editorial Freelancers Association’s Los Angeles chapter. She sits on the boards of the Writers & Publishers Network and the Professional Editors Network.

photo of Lynn Varon

Professional Associations

Lynn Varon, new member of the Writers & Publishers Network board
Lynn Varon, Managing Editor, Professional Editors Network

Comments from My Colleagues

I’ve been writing for this magazine since its inception in 1972, so I’ve worked with several editors. Lynn Varon was the best editor with whom I worked.

Bob Jones

Senior Editor, Rock & Gem magazine

I found Lynn to be professional and personable; most importantly, her outstanding editorial skills and attentiveness to detail improved my work significantly.

Steve Voynick

Author, Rock & Gem Contributor

Lynn Varon ranks among the most talented and conscientious editors that I have ever worked with.

Scott Travers

Executive Editor, COINage magazine

I have worked with Lynn for several years on a variety of projects, and both as a writer and an editor she has proven herself talented and professional on every occasion.

Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez

Editor, FUN Topics

Lynn is wonderful to work with and has expertise in editing content pieces of different genres and styles. … Lynn has totally earned my recommendation!

Yesha Gangani

Content Team Lead, Brainvire Infotech Inc.