About Lynn Varon

Website Designer & Editor

I HAD ONE JOB for 18 years. As the managing editor of an 86-page monthly magazine (aka, Queen of Rock & Gem), I edited articles by first-time and seasoned writers, developed new features and columns, and revitalized the publication’s website. I survived three changes in ownership and weathered the Great Magazine Die-off of the Early Aughts while building strong professional and personal relationships that last to this day.

This tells you a few things about me:

  • I’m passionate about what I do.
  • I’m always pushing the boundaries of my creativity.
  • People really want to work with me.
Business Start-Ups

The Good Old Days

My editorial career kicked off in 1994—just three years after the first-ever website went live—at Entrepreneur Inc., where I became assistant editor and then copyeditor of Business Start-Ups magazine. Next, it was Affinity Group and a quartet of monthlies about RVs and motorcycles: Trailer Life, Motorhome, Rider, and American Rider. In Y2K, I hit the jackpot, snagging the top spot at Miller Magazines’ Rock & Gem. (Take that, Mayan calendar.)


Finding My Groove

You know when you’ve got a good thing going. Having become managing editor of Rock & Gem, I dug my heels in and owned it for 18 years. Rockhounds have great stories to tell, but they’re not all experienced writers. In a lovely symbiotic relationship, contributors of various skill levels produced the articles and columns I needed and I applied the editorial skills they lacked. Together, we produced a monthly magazine of consistent quality for a small but dedicated audience.

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Stories of My Own

Variety is the sriracha of life and a bonus in my line of work. I’ve learned to ride a motorcycle, panned for gold in California’s Mother Lode Country, and run my minivan off a mountain road (accidentally) to get a story. I’ve met a moonwalking geologist and a T. rex named Sue. And I’ve gained a lot of experience helping people tell their stories in a clear, entertaining way.

A Natural Progression

Rock & Gem gave my talents great scope. While editing magazine layouts in InDesign, I learned to create them, as well. What’s a website but copy and page design with a digital twist? Ten years ago, when I found myself with a website and no web tech, I added WordPress to my repertoire. After that, it was an easy step from print publishing to digital.

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The Personal Touch

A professional-looking website can also have personality. Use your personal story to engage readers, establish your brand identity, and sell more of your books. Your author website will deliver your story to your readers, just like this website is bringing you mine. Get started by downloading the free Author Website Design Book.

Comments from My Colleagues

I’ve been writing for this magazine since its inception in 1972, so I’ve worked with several editors. Lynn Varon was the best editor with whom I worked.

Bob Jones

Senior Editor, Rock & Gem magazine

I found Lynn to be professional and personable; most importantly, her outstanding editorial skills and attentiveness to detail improved my work significantly.

Steve Voynick

Author, Rock & Gem Contributor

Lynn Varon ranks among the most talented and conscientious editors that I have ever worked with.

Scott Travers

Executive Editor, COINage magazine

I have worked with Lynn for several years on a variety of projects, and both as a writer and an editor she has proven herself talented and professional on every occasion.

Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez

Editor, FUN Topics

Lynn is wonderful to work with and has expertise in editing content pieces of different genres and styles. … Lynn has totally earned my recommendation!

Yesha Gangani

Content Team Lead, Brainvire Infotech Inc.